Te Whenua Moemoeā

About the Region

Rohe Delegate/Rohe Chairman:

Rohe Committee:

Ihaka Cotter

Nga Kapa Taumata Teitei

(Maori Performing Arts Australia) Inc

The rohe of Te Whenua Moemoeā, the land of the dreamtime consists of the whole of Australia.  Every 2 years our rohe/region conducts its qualifying rohe regional festival to Te Matatini.  The first inaugural festival, NKTT 2006 was held in Sydney, NSW; NKTT 2008 in Melbourne, VIC; NKTT 2010 and NKTT 2012 in Canberra, ACT; NKTT 2014 Sydney, NSW; and NKTT 2016 in Perth WA.

Responsibility to your Rohe:

The responsibility for the organisation of these festivals is the responsibility of the peak body for Māori performing arts in Australia, Ngā Kapa Taumata Teitei Māori Performing Arts Australia Inc (NKTT).  The Committee consists of one delegate representative from Queensland, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Victoria and Western Australia, our NKTT Minute Secretary and Rohe Kaumatua. The aim and goals of our National Committee is to foster, develop and encourage the greater integration of traditional Māori performing arts in the pursuit of excellence in Australia.

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